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TWO WAY Medical Alert Devices
RescueTouch makes independent living as easy as the push of a button. Our emergency response systems provide dependable monitoring from caring, trained medical alert response professionals, allowing loved ones to live worry-free – both at home and on the go.

This is a $36.00 Savings

This is a $72.00 Savings

RescueTouch Couple & Partner Medical Alert Systems

The RescueTouch PRO Chit Chat Pack with FALL DETECTION is a mobile personal communication system (think walkie-talkie). One firm press of the side Call Button and it calls the other synced Care Caller. The two users can Chit Chat or Check in immediately with each other over the built-in speakerphones. Couples & Partnerse can chit around the house, yard or from the store.

LIFETIME SERVICE PRICE LOCKYour Monthly Service Fee Will Never Increase

RescueTouch Personal Care Caller & Medical Alert System
  • World’s Only Paired Personal Communication System with Dual Help Alert with Auto Fall Detect Capabilities – Your Chit Chat Pack provides both easy-going social communication with a select friend, and emergency communication with your chosen first responders.   
  • 600 Minutes Per Month Of Fun Easy-Going Chit Chat With Your Select Partner
    Each Chit Chat Caller is an easy-to-use one-button cell phone.  Go ahead and Chit Chat. 
  • One Touch Emergency Response – Easy to use. Simply press the SOS Button anytime, anywhere to contact your chosen contacts for emergency response.  Up to five family members, friends, caregivers, 911 or our 5-diamond call center can be notified.  
  • Automatic Fall Detect – Should the RescueTouch Fall Caller detect a fall, the Fall Caller will immediately call and send text notifications to all chosen emergency contacts.  Your exact location will be included within the text via Google Maps.
  • Emergency Text Notifications – Your chosen emergency contacts will all be notified via text message when the SOS button is pressed. Information texted will contain the name of the person requesting assistance (subscriber), the time and their GPS location via Google Maps.
  • Nationwide Help Alert Service Area – You’ll connect your #1 RescueTouch cellular medical alarm technology via our advanced cellular service which covers 96% of the US population nationwide and is the world’s largest cellular network. You are protected at home, in your vehicle, in your neighborhood and across the country.

  • FREE ACTIVATION – Account Set-Up ($49 savings) x 2.
  • FREE Lifetime Unlimited Auto Fall Alerts
  • FREE Lifetime Unlimited Subscriber Emergency Calls.
  • FREE Lifetime Unlimited Caregiver AutoNotify Text Messages.
  • FREE Lifetime Price Guarantee – Your Monthly Service Fee Will Never Increase – Guaranteed!
  • FREE Emergency Rescue Paramedic Medical Info Kit – a $29 value!
  • NO CONTRACT / CANCEL ANYTIME – No cancellation or early termination fees.

  • Two Synced RescueTouch Chit Chat Fall Callers with Auto Fall Detect, GPS Locate, Family Text Notify and Built-In Two-Way Speakerphone.
  • Two Professional-Quality Rechargeable Batteries (installed).
  • Two USB Recharging Docking Stations with AC Wall Adapter.
  • Two Detachable Nylon Waterproof Pendant Lanyards.  Traditional neck lanyard and shorty clip-on.
  • Two User Guides.
  • 14 Day Unconditional Money-Back Guarantee

  • Size: 61mm*43mm*16mm
  • Weight: 35g
  • Battery Life: Up to 30 Days Standby
  • Rechargeable 900 mah Lithium battery
  • Battery Recharge Time: 3 Hours
  • Network: GSM (AT&T / T-Mobile)

RescueTouch Couple & Partner Medical Alert Systems

Your RescueTouch Chit Chat Pack is a paired high-quality, mobile personal communication system for two (think walkie-talkie). It includes 600 minutes per month of carefree chit chat between the two synced Fall Callers. One firm press of the side Call Button and it calls the other synced Fall Caller, just like a cell phone. The two users can Chit Chat immediately with each other over the built-in speakerphones. A husband and wife can chit around the house. Besties can chat from home to home, nationwide. Lovers can chit chat around the neighborhood.

Should an event require more than fun social communication, each Chit Chat Fall Caller is The World’s #1 Most Functional Help Alert System. To quickly activate the help alert functions, simply press the front SOS Button. Your chosen contacts for emergency response will be immediately notified via phone call, text notify and GPS locate.


Your RescueTouch Chit Chat Fall Callers use the world’s largest cellular network to provide you with outstanding nationwide coverage. The advanced GSM network covers 96% of the U.S. population and utilizes roaming partnerships to further maximize the coverage and signal strength.


A service plan is required to connect the RescueTouch Chit Chat Fall Callers to the nationwide cellular network. For about 2 dollars a day, you can provide both 24/7 social communication and emergency response communication virtually anywhere in the United States! Our low-cost cellular service plans are conveniently prepaid on a recurring subscription. Prepaid subscriptions are non-refundable but you can cancel service anytime. NO contracts, NO cancellation charges and NO early termination fees.

Your RescueTouch Chit Chat Pack is designed to provide easy-going social communication with a select partner as well as emergency response assistance. All below service plans include 600 minutes of talk time and unlimited emergency calls every month. Additional coverage minutes are charged at .10/minute.

ANNUAL SERVICE PLAN: Just $69/mo (billed yearly)

QUARTERLY SERVICE PLAN: Just $72/mo (billed quarterly)

MONTH-TO-MONTH SERVICE PLAN: Just $75/mo (billed monthly)

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