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RescueTouch Medical Alert Review on The Senior List

RescueTouch Medical Alert Review on The Senior List

RescueTouch specializes in providing a mobile medical alert system that is very different than others we have reviewed. RescueTouch was started by a volunteer EMT who saw a need for high quality equipment and a different approach to providing medical alert services. Scott Lepper, the founder of RescueTouch, recognized that a personal, local presence and a no-pressure sales policy was missing from the personal emergency response system market. RescueTouch is based in VA and serves the entire U.S.

SOS 911 $25/mo $22/mo $19/mo
Care Caller with GPS Locate
+ Family Texts
$45/mo $42/mo $29/mo
Fall Caller with Fall Alert
+ GPS Locate + Family Text Alerts
$41/mo $37/mo $34/mo
Professional Monitored Alarm
+ Fall Alert + GPS Locate + Family Text Alerts
$45/mo $42/mo $39/mo
Chit Chat Pack $59/mo $62/mo $65/mo
Chit Chat Pack + Fall Alert $69/mo $72/mo $75/mo

RescueTouch SOS medical alert in blue.

The Stuff We Liked:
Very affordable, modern cellular alert system, not dependant on call center, can be setup to notify and communicate with friends and family, monitored solution available as well. Location, speed, altitude, geo fence are available as well. Two-way built in speakerphone, water resistant. No contracts, no cancellation fees, no early termination fees.
The Stuff We Didn’t:
Not necessarily a negative, but no non-cellular options available.
The Bottom Line:
RescueTouch is a great option for a cellular medical alert system that can go anywhere cellular service is offered.

Aren’t these colors great?  Customers make color choices at the time of checkout.

Cellular Medical Alerts from RescueTouch

RescueTouch SOS medical alert in pink.
RescueTouch offers several different options in regards to the functionality of it’s medical alert. The equipment used by RescueTouch is a welcome change from the “medical device” appearance of many other medical alert systems.

Features of RescueTouch medical alerts

Aside from looking great and not like a medical alert device, the SOS unit has everything we would expect in a top rated cellular medical alert system.

Built in speakerphone- loud and clear

Automatic fall detection

GPS location

Text notifications


Geofence alerts- be notified when user enters or leaves a specific area

Cellular service through AT&T ensures large coverage area across the U.S.

RescueTouch is a fairly new company and it offers competitive monthly rates for specific packages upon equipment purchase. Additionally, the company donates 10% of each membership to community rescue squads such as fire departments, EMTs and paramedics as well as senior centers.

Why RescueTouch over other medical alarm services?

The SOS callers (cellular alert system) sold by RescueTouch are available in four vibrant colors along with a charging dock. It is programmed to call three different numbers in addition to 911. The system can also send information such as location, altitude and speed the user.  The unit is fitted with a two-way speakerphone and is very easy to set up.

The RescueTouch S.O.S. med alert device can be utilized for emergency as well as non-emergency situations, communication, monitoring and safety. It differs from other medical alert systems because it does not need to be dependant on call center monitoring. This device allows friends, family and others to directly call the wearer or be notified if the call button is pressed or a fall is detected.

RescueTouch Plans and Services

There are several different plans to choose from depending on the needs of each individual user. Each RescueTouch plan requires a $99 purchase price for the equipment, the first month of service is free.

SOS 911

– The least expensive option at $19/mo. places calls to the nearest 911 emergency dispatch center.

Care Caller with GPS Locate + Family Text Alerts

– Program up to three personal contacts to be notified in the event of an emergency. GPS locate is enabled as well, smartphone is required of personal contacts for GPS and text alerts to work. Pricing starts at $29/mo.

Fall Caller with Fall Alert + GPS Locate + Family Text Alerts

– In addition to benefits mentioned above, mobile fall alerts will be sent to programmed contacts in the event of a fall detected by the mobile alert unit. Pricing starts at $34/mo.

Professional Monitored Alarm + Fall Alert + GPS Locate + Family Text Alerts

– In addition to the benefits mentioned above, the monitored solution will contact the RescueTouch 24/7 monitoring center for immediate assistance.  The dispatchers can then contact friends, family, caregivers or first responders. Pricing starts at $39/mo.

Chit Chat Pack

– This package includes two synced Care Caller devices (with GPS Locate + Family Text Alerts). The two synced devices are perfect for a couple or anyone who wants a “walkie talkie” type device to chat with another person. This plan includes 600 minutes of chat time to be used between the two. In addition, the Chit Chat devices have the same functionalities as the Care Caller with GPS locate and family text alerts for programmed numbers. Pricing starts at $59/mo.

Chit Chat Pack + Fall Alert

– In addition to the functionality of the Chit Chat Pack above, this package offers Fall detection and fall alerts. Pricing starts at $69/mo.

Battery life

The battery life for the cellular medical alert from RescueTouch is one week, give or take, depending on usage and activity. The battery life for a unit on standby is 30 days and the LED lights on the unit let you know when the battery is getting low. Programmed contacts will also receive low battery notifications.

RescueTouch is keeping customers out of the hospital.

Not only is a medical alert system a valuable tool for senior safety, but it can also keep your loved one out of the hospital.  By eliminating the need for a middleman monitoring center, your loved one can call you or a professional caregiver directly instead of an emergency call and an ambulance ride.  This is highly important for those who have recently been in the hospital, discharged and returned home. The fact that RescueTouch can directly reach a home health provider, caregiver or even a triage nurse may prevent a large number of unnecessary hospital readmissions. RescueTouch is currently spearheading a pilot project with plans to significantly reduce hospital readmission rates, we plan to follow up later this year to report on the results. In the meantime, the cellular alert system this company offers is one we highly recommend.

RescueTouch Medical Alert Review on The Senior List
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